04.11.2012 - New Pictures

And again new pictures of Voya - here

  28.10.2012 - New Pictures

Vajanka and the first snow :-) pictures here

  20.09.2012 - Holidays

The first week in September we spent in Holland. The beach is a paradise for dogs :-) Pictures you find here

  03.08.2012 - Drawing

Ilk Black Gong drawing by Saša Bauerová Beautiful! Thank you!

  17.07.2012 - Voya refreshes - new pictures

What all I can taste and eat on our garden? New pictures - here

  03.06.2012 - New pictures of Voya

New pictures of Voya with her "mister" - here

  14.05.2012 - Jazzy passed FH1 exam :-)

We passed tracking dog trial FH 1. We were in ZKO Lovosice where we met with nice people and relaxed atmosphere.

  11.05.2012 - Tracking traning pictures

Some new pictures of Voya and Jazzy from tracking training - here
New video of Voya - here

  19.03.2012 - New photos

Beautiful weather started, so we maked some new pictures - here

  08.03.2012 - Trip to the "Pilský rybník"

We take the women´s trip to the nearby pond on Sunday. Some pictures you can see here.
And the most beautiful to me :-)

Even in February visited us Petra Šenová, to take a pictures of her dogs (Bařík and Sweety) We also take a pictures of Voya, it wasn´t easy, but in the end after all succeeded some photos :-)


  16.02.2012 - New pictures of Voya

Yesterday I wanted to take some pictures of Voya, as big lady. what happened you can see here

  15.01.2012 - New pictures of our pack

Finally we have a winter here - no mud, but snow and sun. Pictures from today's walk here
And here is the proof of my suspicion that Voya is the devil! :-)

  13.01.2012 - New member of our family

We present you our new brown female - Voya alias Vajíčko (little egg):-) she is the little devil
See all photos in our Picasa web album here

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