29.11.2011 - Ilkysek - memories

  19.10.2011 - Echocardiography

Jazzy (Charm Antis) - echocardiography result - healthy heart of trained sportsman, without pathological findings

  15.09.2011 - ...

  04.09.2011 - Pictures from the tracking trainig

The Saturday morning on the meadows tracking recorded by Láďa Tejml, pictures on the rajce.net here (Jazz photo 39-64)

  20.07.2011 - New pictures of ILK

We add to our galery some new pictures of Ilk

  19.07.2011 - Pleasant visit

We had very pleasant visit last weekend - Helmut Trojovsky - breeder (kennel DE-LA-CASA-ALINA), succesful competitor, judge, trainer - arrived. We were very pleasantly surprised by his offer of common training track and we have like to take this chance even if it was 30 degrees in the shade. It was a great day, we have learned many new things and most importantly we saw the work of Helmut. Some pictures you can find here - Lada Tejml, rajce

  12.07.2011 - Ilk Black gong is the father again

Bride from Finland Ninja gave birth to seven lovely puppies (3 brown and 1 black females a 3 black males) last week, we wish them strong health and good owners

photo by Raisa Nevalainen

  24.06.2011 - New video

We add a new video to our gallery - training track, March 2011

  11.05.2011 Bride from Finland

Ilk Black Gong was chosen as a stud male in kennel Marvinette`s, mating was this weekend

  09.04.2011 Pleasant visit

We had very pleasant visit this Sunday - our friend Esi and Kelly arrived, some pictures from walking with Ilk you find here

  03.04.2011 Progeny Jazz (Charm Antis)

Kennel Brittasgang organized "show sessions" for their offspring. This last was attended by some progeny Jazz (Charm Antis). In the gallery by Karolina Shrbena you can see how beautiful Dobermans of them grow
Druss diB - here, Dolce Britta diB - here

  19.03.2011 Pleasant visit

We had very pleasant visit last Saturday - our friend Jana (diBrittasgang) arrived with Ruzenka (Corleona Lady diBrittasgang), some pictures you find here

  07.03.2011 Tracking

new photos of Jazz - first training track this year here

  16.02.2011 Gallery updates

new photos of Ilk and Jazz in gallery

  10.02.2011 Protection work training

new pictures - training of protection work in natural terrain (pleasant change for all) - here

  29.01.2011 Protection work training

new pictures - protection work - here

  02.01.2011 welocme to 2011 :-)

We wish you all the best in new year!

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